• The name Dahab means ‘gold’ in English and the inhabitants chose it because of the shimmering gold-coloured sandy coast. The region of Dahab stretches across a wide plateau of rock and sand at the end of Wadi Nasab and emerged from a small oasis where Bedouins once settled. Diving camps were set up in the areas around this inconspicuous little town, and then in the past few years developed into a diving and holiday paradise.
  • The little Bedouin village of Dahab, once known as a place for hippies and drop-outs, is about 75 km from Sharm el Sheikh on the East coast of the Sinai Peninsula and is surrounded by a bizarre high mountainous landscape. Nowadays in the center of the little Bedouin town Assalah, which is only a few minutes taxi ride from the hotels by the lagoon, there´s a great array of cosy bars, typical Shisha eating places, little restaurants and lots of shops all situated along the seafront.