• The coast between Nuweiba and the boarder town of Taba is also known as the “RED SEA RIVIERA” and is famous for the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Located 185 km north of Sharm el Sheikh, Nuweiba is the largest Bedouin settlement on the East coast of South Sinai. The town is surrounded by steep mountains to the West and the blue waters of the Golf of Aqaba to the East.
  • The area around Taba and Nuweiba is still unspoiled and the pace is more related to the relaxed life of the local Bedouin tribes. Driving up from the busy airport of Sharm el Sheikh or from the newly opened Taba airport in Nakhl gives you a glimpse climes of the breathtaking Sinai landscape.
  • The colourful inclusions in the steeply rising rock faces are stunning and it is hard to believe that they are natural formations and not man-made works of art. At the Gulf of Aqaba, reddish rugged granite mountains fall down almost vertically from 2000m into the deep blue water of the sea.
  • It takes one hour drive by four wheel Jeep to reach the impressive Coloured Canyon, a deep and very narrow gorge. The sandstone walls are an array of pinks, orange and reds. Important religious and historical places to visit are the St. Katherine Monastery at Mount Moses and the ancient City of Petra in neighbouring Jordan. The “Geziret Fara’un”
  • (Pharaohns Island) with the ruins of Saladin’s castle, dating back to the13th century is just a short boat ride away.
  • Along the sunny coast of the Gulf of Aqaba or the “Red Sea Riviera“ one will find numerous Holiday Villages, Beach Resorts and Camps to meet all tastes. The golden, sandy beaches stretch for miles all the way to the boarder town of Taba, in the neighbourhood of the Israeli city of Eilat.