Sharm El Sheikh


  • Without a doubt, Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best diving destinations in the world.
  • It has always been a beautiful place, but never before has it been as famous and comfortable as it is today. Twenty years ago a diving trip was real adventure. Divers had to accept a long trek through the desert and setting up camp at the beach before they could go for a dive.
  • Today, visitors are offered a variety of adventures and luxuries. Four and five star hotels like El Faraana Reef and many others are present. But in the background there is still the never-ending magnitude of the Sinai Desert.
  • The center of activities where most of the hotels and diving centers are located is Naama Bay, 7 km from the City of Sharm El Sheikh. Due to the great demand new accommodations are also available outside of Naama Bay, such as the Conrad International Resort in Ras Nasrani.
  • Numerous bars, restaurants, shops and the attractive Mediterranean promenade, have made Naama Bay a busy holiday resort. In the center of Naama Bay, arabic stile bazars, shops and coffee houses invite the visitor for a stroll and shopping for typical souvenirs and handicrafts. A variety of bars,discos and even a casino offer entertainment until late into the night.
  • Though diving is still one of the main attractions in Sharm el Sheikh, a lot of other water sports, excursions and activities are available. A camelride at sunset in the desert, visits to Mount Moses and the St. Katherine Monastery, excursions to the ancient City of Petra in neighboring Jordan or desert safaris with cross-country vehicles.